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In order to ensure that you understand our rules and our game, please review the following information prior to playing American Bingo...

1. Read and Understand the American Bingo Participating Rules
We require that you read and understand the rules and operating procedures for playing American Bingo. Click here to see the rules.

We value your input and wish to make this the most accessible and exciting Bingo game on the Internet.

After your have reviewed and agreed to our rules and requirements, please proceed to register with us to become a American Bingo member.

2. Register to Become a Member
In order to properly register you must provide us with correct information about yourself. Please note that The American Bingo will mail payout requests to players using the information given to us at the time of registration. We cannot be held responsible for difficulties encountered by players who use incorrect information.

In order to properly sign up for American Bingo you must complete all of the fields on our registration web page.

We require the following information from you:
1. Your correct mailing address
2. Your email address and a telephone number
3. Your selection of an alias or 'nickname' of your choice (used to anonymously identify you to the other players in the winner's circle)

We recommend that you write this information down somewhere and store it in a safe place. If you forget your password, please use the Password Finder page and we will email your password to the address you provided when you registered.

American Bingo's Privacy policy is that we do not distribute your personal information to anyone and we never store your credit card or checking information on our computers or servers. Your credit card information is also protected by our use of industry standard commerce encryption technologies.

* You are only allowed to register once. Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden and will result in your accounts being disabled. You are limited to one account per household. *

3. Completing the Registration Process:
After you have completed the registration form and pressed the submit button, American Bingo will generate a unique Player Account ID and password for you. These items will be emailed to the address you provided in the registration form. Your Player ID is used to uniquely identify you to the system. Your password is used to verify your identity to the system. The password you will be initially assigned should only be used until you are able to login to the Players Area of the site and change it. Please change the password that is initially assigned to you as soon as possible.

You will need your Player ID and password information every time you want to play American Bingo or administer your Player Account.

The next step is to fund your account. American Bingo is a pay game and thus requires you to fund your Player Account so that you can later buy Bingo cards. American Bingo currently allows you to fund your account by Visa, MasterCard, and through multiple electronic cash companies.

4. It's Time to Play American Bingo!
Congratulations to you on becoming a American Bingo member. As a registered American Bingo member, you are now ready to play American Bingo for CASH prizes! Simply select the Bingo or Casino game you would like to play, as well as which type of game (Java or Flash) and the size you would like to play at.

You can select and purchase a card(s) if you have entered your login information correctly and have an active account with adequate funds to purchase a game. Initially, game cards are randomly selected for you by the American Bingo game server. You may choose to decline the default game cards and select different ones by clicking the number of cards you wish to play on a particular sheet (1,2,3 or 4). You may continue to decline the game cards until you find one that you like.

When you find a card that you want to play, just press the BUY button. Alternatively, you can exit and pay nothing.

Once you have purchased a card, we cannot refund or credit your account for any reason whatsoever, unless you are unable to complete the game because of a technical difficulty caused by the program or The American Bingo. In all cases, we will be monitoring the game to ensure that it is performing properly. In cases where the game is not completed because of a system technical problem we will automatically credit your account for lost game credits whoever possible.

5. Depositing Funds into your Player Account
As a registered player you can "recharge" your Player Account at any time by navigating to our Members Area.

Our e-commerce web pages are secured web pages and utilize industry standard SSL security and encryption protocols. Therefore, all of our financial transactions on these pages use this secured transaction protocol and provide for maximum safety from external fraud and theft of your credit card and other related information.

To recharge your player account with cash funds just fill in all of the fields, including your credit card type (select only what is available from the pull down list), credit card number, card holder name, expiry date and the amount you wish to deposit. When all of the fields have been entered correctly just click on the 'submit' transaction button and cash funds will be deposited into your Player Account.

The credit card transaction itself may not be posted until later that day. As such, it is your responsibility to make sure that the information you provide is correct and that the transaction is accepted by your credit card company.

If the credit card transaction is not completed, or is subject to a charge back for any reason at all, your agreement with us is null and void and any player activity, including any winnings can be withheld by the American Bingo until all outstanding issues have been resolved. For this reason, we must delay payout requests for a period of one week so that transactions have had a chance to clear.

6. Your Winnings
Jackpot prizes are deposited directly into a Player's Account every time a player wins our game. For games where there is more than one winner (multiple simultaneous winners) the jackpots are shared evenly amongst all the winners of a game.

NOTE: Under no circumstances will the American Bingo issue payment from a winner's account to an address other that which corresponds to the address in the player's registration information.

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